My mom got me started with flute lessons at the ripe old age of 3. I was so young that my teacher had me practice for a while on a piece of PVC pipe adorned with colourful band-aids and stickers before she would let me anywhere near an actual instrument. My childhood was a whirlwind of private lessons, group lessons and musical summer camps. When I was a little older, I joined two youth orchestras, and I actually ended up touring Europe twice with them, which was a magical experience.

My cousins had an entirely different type of musical education in mind. They started buying me heavy metal CDs when I hit teenagehood, and I would walk to school banging my head in time to the music with my discman hanging halfway out of my pocket, thinking myself very cool. Heavy metal is actually one of the many things that initially drew me to my husband. We’ve spent several sunburned, sweat-soaked weekends at Heavy Montreal, and you’ll occasionally find us doing wacky, wonderful things like going to see a band that blends metal with traditional Mongolian instruments and throat-singing.

I got passionate about singing comparatively late, though my mom did have me in choir as a kid. I floated from choir to choir to benefit concert for a while, trying to figure out where my voice belonged. I even directed a Gilbert & Sullivan group, MWOS, for a season!

But I truly feel like I’ve found a home with LOOM. They gave me the chance to do something I’ve dreamed of doing since I first fell in love with Broadway: play a lead role in a musical. Being Mrs. Lovett in Sweeney Todd last year really brought me out of my shell, and with Buck’s expert direction, I was able to sashay my way into audience members’ hearts! I’m really excited to explore a new era of music as a soloist in our upcoming production of That Weill Woman. I’m also thrilled to have the opportunity to direct the chorus this year and further hone my leadership skills! LOOM is full of wonderful, interesting people, and I can’t wait to dive into this great project with them.

Between Broadway, classical music, heavy metal and everything in between, I’d say my taste in music is pretty eclectic! But I like to think my varied tastes are kind of representative of my life and where it has led me. They do say that art imitates life – and what’s life without a little music?


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